The Team

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Adam : Director

18 years ago Adam started out as an editor for small independent television companies. Since then there isn't a job or type of production that Adam hasn't blagged his way into. Having directed and produced reality, documentaries, comedies and ad campaigns, Adam found himself as Head of Production at a global advertising agency. This helped him marry the practical, tangible skills of Television production with the thought grenades and blue sky brain showers of the marketing industry.

Verdy : Director

Verdy has had a camera on his shoulder for 20 years. 2 x Olympics, 4 x Tour De France’s, 2 x Active War Zones, 2 x World Cups, 1 x British Dental Association AGM and zero awards. With his C1 and C3 lower vertebrae spasming more daily, Verdy decided to get into post production where sitting down in chairs is more acceptable.

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Adam Dean - Technical Manager

Adam has been working in post production and IP streaming since before IP streaming was a thing. Now he's finally got a role where he gets to play with kit and break computers whilst explaining technical things to creative people and creative things to technical people.

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Mia Kofoed-Kristiansen - Facility Manager

Denmark is consistently voted as the #1 country to live and work in with the most envious work life balance in the World. As a Dane Mia could easily have that lifestyle, however in 2017 she moved to West Yorkshire to work in live sports broadcasting.

Having been seduced into the industry because of the exciting hustle of live broadcasting Mia now really enjoys the sedate, serene and idyllic lifestyle that post production offers.

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Joe - Editor

Joe is an award-winning filmmaker that was looking for a secure, stable job that was walking distance from his house.

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Summer : Colourist

We met Summer working in a local coffee shop where we had the 3rd best coffee of our lives. She's now becoming one of the most talented young colourists in the region.

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Will : Tech Op

Will is our best tech op. As our only tech op, with a specialism in sound Will helps to configure and manage the acoustic rooms. Will is required to be a massive nerd, fortunately he doesn't have any interests, hobbies or friends, so it's fine.

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Claudia : Edit Assistant

There isn't much that Claudia can't turn her hand to, she is one of those multi-skilled, talented people who you meet once or twice in your life. Whilst she figures out what she wants to do, she works at Sticks & Glass as our Edit Assistant.

Local Talent

If you are a budding filmmaker and need somewhere professional to cut or finish your latest short film, then come and knock on the door and we will try and give you some edit suite time. As sponsors of various local Film Festivals we love that aspiring filmmakers can come to S&G and take their productions to the next step.